Owner of Platinum Dog Training
Working alongside vets, veterinary physiotherapists, animal shelters and other dog care professionals and trainers, Lucy has over 5 years experience in the industry.

Lucy’s journey into the industry started whilst she was working in New Zealand on a dairy farm alongside studying to become a dog trainer.  Since those early studies, Lucy has gone on to gain further knowledge and studies in dog training and behaviour.

Lucy has been fortunate to present and speak at and for a number of conferences and training organisations.  Lucy has experience with a wide variety of breeds and is happy to help with dogs of all sizes and ages.



The CEO of Platinum Dog Training. 

Bodhie is a 4 year old, Lilac Border Collie. 

He enjoys competing in competitive obedience with Lucy and enjoys taking part in some fun agility. 

You will often see Bodhie working alongside Lucy as a stooge dog for cases such as nervous or reactive dogs