Individually tailored training

1-2-1 Training is tailored around your needs and the needs of your dog. 

From one-offs to weekly sessions, from puppies to senior dogs, we will work on creating a successful program for you and your dog.

Whether you want to work on recall, lose leash walking, reactivity, or simply get new ideas to keep your dog mentally stimulated, 1-2-1 are a great way to achieve your goals.

1-2-1 training is run from various places across East & West Sussex in either secure fields, parks or your home.

We do cover most of East & West Sussex.

Please get in touch to ask about your location.


We have a reactive rescue dog who is very anxious around new people and also dogs who get too close.

Lucy has spend time going at a speed my dog was comfortable with, gaining his trust while training in different situations. He now loves her to bits and is so happy when he sees her. She has helped me understand his behavior and how to help him. When he was ready, we introduced him to Lucy's dog and over a short period of time, they have become best friends. Its lovely to see them zooming around playing. I would highly recommend Lucy and I'm so glad we found her.



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